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BADR Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Policy
Our Health, Safety, Environmental (HSE) & Quality basis are:
  • Management considers protection of the environment, the safety of workers, and neighboring communities and also the quality of our services as fundamental and high priority in our business mission.
  • As a responsible organization, we are committed to provide the necessary resources to establish and maintain high HSE & Quality standards.
  • Further as part of continuous improvement we will constantly strive for the sustainable development of our business without compromising HSE & Quality.

Our objectives are to:

  • Ensure that HSE & Quality excellence are fundamental basis of BADR  business philosophy and management culture, further management will personally demonstrate that this is our goal through ongoing improvement.
  • Apply effective loss control management systems to minimize injury, occupational health hazards, property damage and emissions.
  • Safeguard our employees & workers from any foreseeable hazard to health or safety in existing sites, fields, processes, working systems and in the introduction of new substances, plant, machinery, equipment and processes or premises.
  • Train all employees & workers to be aware of their own responsibilities in respect of health and safety matters.
  • Provide general health and safety training for all new entrants and to identify training needs for all levels of employees & workers in the areas of health and safety and to design training programs to meet these needs.
  • To insist that health and safety instructions are carried out and that health, safety systems, procedures, precautions and regulations are followed.
  • To provide appropriate medical & first aid facilities to safeguard the health and welfare of all BADR employees & workers.
  • Achieve by joint consultation the effective cooperation and involvement of all employees & workers in attaining our health & safety objectives.
  • Achieve and maintain compliance with laws, regulations and work authorities to improve the quality of the applicable legislation.
  • Ensure that employees, workers, suppliers and subcontractors working for BADR commit to the same HSE & Quality basis, establish and demonstrate such programs in their activities.
  • Commit on an ongoing basis to the minimization of material, energy use & waste.
  • Records non conformities & incidents at all levels to identify, solve problems and help ensure that proper and efficient work practices are established.
  • Systematically measure, evaluate, control, and promote "continuous improvement" made in implementing these principles.