>> EPC projects
>> Onshore Pipelines
>> Storage Tanks
>> Civil, Mechanical & E&I Projects
>> Maintenance of Storage tanks & pipelines
>> Installation of Dynamic Equipments
>> Supply & Fabrication of Static Equipments
>> Supply & Fabrication of Steel Structures

production and test separators overhaul maintenance:

Owner: Burg Al Arab Petroleum Company (BURAPETCO).

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Pigging & Inspection of "H13 pipeline" of diameter six inch:

Owner: West Bakr Petroleum Company


Idfena Water Treatment Plant (43200 m3/day) :

Owner: National Organization for Potable Water & Sanitary Drainage. (NOPWASD)

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Erection of water treatment plant & water mixing Facilities in Siwa:

Owner: building & developing west north coast cooperation.

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Supply & Install of potable water & sewage pipelines:

Owner: Cooperation Society for building & housing.


Erection of 5 new complete schools:

Owner: General school building cooperation.

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Construction of New Camp at Midpoint Area:

Owner: Agiba Petroleum Company..

Scope of work: Construction of new camp for Agiba petroleum Co. including concrete Fences and all related electrical & finishing works.